Network II

Network Code:IIName:IRIS/IDA


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There are 11 stations.

Station Name Position Channels Action
II.AAK Ala-Archa, Kyrgyzstan 42.6375°N, 74.4942°E None Active
II.BFO Black Forest Observatory (Schiltach), Baden-Wu 48.3301°N, 8.3296°E None Active
II.BRVK Borovoye, Soltustik Qazaqstan, Kazakhstan 53.0581°N, 70.2828°E None Active
II.COCO West Island, Cocos Islands 12.1901°S, 96.8349°E None Active
II.KAPI Kappang, Sulawesi, Indonesia 5.0142°S, 119.7517°E None Active
II.KIV Kislovodsk, Stavropol\'skiy Kray, Russia 43.9553°N, 42.6863°E None Active
II.MBAR Mbarara, Uganda 0.6019°S, 30.7382°E None Active
II.NNA NYanya, Peru 11.9875°S, 76.8422°W None Active
II.OBN Obninsk, Kaluzhskaya Oblast\', Russia 55.1146°N, 36.5674°E None Active
II.PFO Pinyon Flat Observatory, Riverside County, Cal 33.6107°N, 116.4555°W None Active
II.UOSS Univ. of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirate 24.9453°N, 56.2042°E None Active